My dream come true….

Picture this, it is early 2020, Australia was just recovering from one of the worst bush fire seasons we have ever had.

Living on the Central Coast of NSW, working 2 jobs (miserably I might add) and raising a little boy. I would constantly tell my partner that all I wanted was my own salon, be my own boss, work my own hours, stock the products I want, and most importantly look after clients in my own way.
I would sit for hours looking through commercial real estate websites dreaming of the day one of these shops would be my own, but knowing it was a very long way off!

Making my way to work one morning, I received a phone call from the lovely Lauren from Lush Collective Epping, my last employer (one of the best!) before I went on maternity leave and left for the coast… She had been listening to my dreams apparently, and offered me an opportunity I could not resist!

We made it happen and in early March 2020, I signed a lease to trade in Lush’s premise in the beauty section - under my own business name.
Cue Exquisite Skin + Beauty Boutique.

2020 was a year to remember and one many of us would like to forget.......With bush fires and hail storms just the beginning, a strange unknown flu like virus creeped its ugly head into our beautiful country.
Unbeknown to what effect this would have on anyone, let alone businesses, I went full steam ahead with Exquisite.
A bit of painting and personalising the salon needed to be done so I had plans to open up officially after the Easter Long Weekend.

The beauty industry was one of the first industries to be locked down. No treatments, no clients in the salon. Nothing. I hadn’t even started trading yet! This was not what I had dreamed of!
But, you roll with the punches, and I made the most of it (with a lot of help from my amazing Father) I was able to spend almost 12 weeks getting the salon 100% ready for when I could eventually open for good!

2nd June 2020 I officially opened Exquisite Skin + Beauty Boutique’s doors, not in the fashion that I would have liked because you know, social distancing and what not.

I have not looked back, I am beyond proud of my little salon, watching it flourish. I am proud of myself, who I have grown into and what I have been able to achieve. I am still a long way from reaching the top, but I am on my way.


Now finally at the end of yet another lockdown, I am excited to get back to making people feel their absolute best in their own skin!

Welcome to Exquisite Skin + Beauty,

Love, Lauren xoxo